AOTECH la solución por la sostenibilidad

How to increase efficiency and sustainability in food production.

Below is a video of our participation in Food4Future 2022, where Iker García, CEO in AOTECH, describes the main applications and advantages of our AONIR platform, designed to increase productivity and efficiency in production.

AONIR consists of two main components, on the one hand, optical sensors based on near-infrared spectroscopy, and on the other, an IoT platform where sensor data is collected to generate reports and alarms.

The key component is the sensors installed in the production line itself which can send data regarding the chemical composition of the product or the moisture, as well as monitoring of different processes, in real-time to our IoT platform or directly to a PLC. With this data, quick decisions can be made to prevent the final product from being out of specification, thus achieving more homogeneous, efficient and sustainable production.

The AONIR platform has been validated in different sectors of the food industry with 5 success stories, 4 in bakery and 1 in dairy.

However, we continue to carry out pilot projects with all those food companies interested in increasing quality control, productivity and energy savings in their production plants.

🎬  AONIR, efficiency and sustainability

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