Applications in the aeronautic industry

AOTECH Aeronautics

For the aeronautical industry, we have developed a robust system made up of several fiber optic sensors that allows monitoring with great precision and in real time of fans, compressors and turbines through Tip Clearance and Tip Timing.

Our optical sensor, AOTC-TT, allows CT and TT measurements to be made using a single sensor, with the consequent savings in both installation-calibration times and economic costs.

Aeronáutica - Turbina - Compresor

The main advantage it presents is that the measurement of TT and TC allows the monitoring of the structural state of the blades and the realization of aeronautical engines with lower fuel consumption, more economical and ecological.

AOTT-TC: Tip Timing & Tip Clearance
Tip Timing - Aeronáutica

Tip Timing

Tip Timing is a technique that allows evaluating the amplitude and frequency of the vibrations of the blades from the moment of arrival of each one of them to the position in which the sensor is located. Once the vibration amplitude and frequency are known, the dynamic behavior of the turbine blades can be characterised and systems can be designed to monitor the structural health of the turbine.

Tip Timing - Aeronáutica

Tip Clearance

It is known as TC the distance between the end of the blades of a turbine and its casing. This parameter is related to the efficiency of the turbine/compressor, which increases as the TC decreases. Therefore, a precise system of measurement of this distance allows to adjust to a minimum the air flows that cross the turbine without producing useful work, obtaining aeronautical engines with lower fuel consumption and consequently, more economical and ecological.