NIR spectroscopy

For the food industry we have developed a platform for inline and real-time monitoring of different parameters based on spectroscopy.

This system allows to achieve a characterization of the product in real time that ensures the quality of production from the input of raw materials to the final product.

AONIR, in addition to offering continuous monitoring of food production, leads to its own production line the main advantages of NIR analysis technology such as the short measurement time (seconds) that allows obtaining results in real time, minimal or no sample preparation, the suitability for different types of products (powder, doughs, granules, liquids, etc.) and the simultaneous determination of various sample parameters.

The AONIR sensors will be able to provide inline and real time the most characteristic parameters of food products such as percentages of fat, protein, moisture, lactose, etc. . In addition to monitoring the quality of food production, it is valid for monitoring the production process itself, since it can be easily integrated into food systems and equipment, allowing real-time control of process. Being able, for example, to adjust the mixing, drying, fermentation or kneading times, achieving energy savings and increase productivity by reducing process time.

These sensors are capable of working both with contact, installed in pipes, tanks or hoppers, and without contact on conveyor belts.

Sensor AONIR instalado en línea
AONIR - Cinta transportadora

This platform is suitable for different food applications such as dairy, chocolate, wine/beer, oil, sauces, spices, meat and fish, cereals and flours, detecting, among others, percentages of fat, protein, moisture, alcohol, fatty acids, as well as for the detection of counterfeit and adulterated products.

With this technology, it is possible to evaluate everything from raw materials (checking their characteristics, origin or even detecting adulterations) to the final product, optimizing the concentration of key ingredients to maximize benefits. Thanks to this information, it is possible to take action in real time during production to avoid out-of-specification products that will require rework or removal. As a consequence, it is possible to obtain total guarantee of the quality of your product and standardize all batches produced, which will result in greater customer satisfaction.

The equipment can be configured according to the specifications of each client, adapting only to the parameters to be monitored, thus achieving a great reduction in manufacturing cost, and therefore achieving a very competitive final price.

Thanks to this platform, it will be possible to achieve the sustainability standards required by the authorities:

AOTECH - Fotónica aplicada - Soluciones ópticas
Increased efficiency and productivity
AOTECH - Sensor óptico NIR - Seguridad alimentaria
Food safety
AOTECH - Sensor óptico NIR - Ahorro energético en la industria de la alimentación
Energy saving
AOTECH - Sensor óptico NIR - Control de calidad y homogeneidad en la industria de la alimentación
Quality control and homogeneity
AONIR - food / alimentación

In addition, together with the device, we offer the service of development and maintenance of predictive models, essential for the proper operation of the equipment, making our expert and highly qualified staff available to anyone who requests it.

Servicio de mantenimiento de los modelos predictivos (machine learning)