Automatización de la producción de mantequilla con control en línea

AOTECH participates in the BUPAIC Project, in collaboration with our tech partners GLAÜCOR INGENIERÍA  and ILAÇOR Industria de Laticinios dos Açores, S.A. This project, framed within the HIGHFIVE  program, marks the beginning of a new era in butter production automation with inline control.

The primary objective is to integrate the cutting-edge sensors AONIR into ILAÇOR’s butter production line, enabling real-time monitoring of moisture content and precise measurements of fat and salt percentages.The innovative solution proposed by the BUPAIC project will revolutionize butter manufacturing, offering producers:

  • Real-time characterization of the final product at an affordable cost.
  • Automated water dosage, boosting productivity by eliminating delays from lab results in moisture analysis.
  • Prevention of out-of-spec batches, ensuring compliance with regulations. (moisture content below 16%)
  • Extensive data availability on batch quality in real-time.

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