B-Venture 2020

AOTECH, once again, participates as a guest start-up in the celebration of the 5th edition of B-Venture Bilbao, the largest entrepreneurship event in the North Zone.

On this occasion, Iker will present to all the participating companies, our three lines of business focused mainly on three sectors: aeronautics, food/pharmacy and biosensors.

First, in aeronautics, we have completed the development of our AOTT-TC, a system based on optical sensors for monitoring turbines and compressors based on the measurement of tip timing (TT) and tip clearance (TC). Thanks to this system more economical, ecological and lower fuel consumption engines can be achieved.
The AOTT-TC hardware is fully developed and is available for testing upon request.

For the food and pharmaceutical sector, we have developed AONIR, a VIS-NIR spectroscopy platform that allows the analysis of the composition of different liquids and solids in line and in real time.
Our AONIR platform is available for proof of concept at the facilities of all interested clients.

We are currently working on the development of biosensors. Our latest project aims to design and manufacture a sensor based on the inline detection of heavy metals in water and milk.

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