AOTECH ganadora del premio Ebro Talent.

AOTECH wins the third edition of Ebro Talent: Caring for Innovation.

The start-up AOTECH has won the third edition of the Ebro Talent entrepreneurship programme, organised by Loyola University in collaboration with the Ebro Foods Group, which aims to promote and support innovation in the food sector focused on improving the efficiency and sustainability of the food industry.

AOTECH has presented an innovative solution based on its AONIR sensors to monitor inline and real-time the production of Ebro Group sauces, allowing greater control over it and avoiding deviations in terms of their characteristics, thus minimising the disposal of finished products batches.

Thanks to this solution, AOTECH won the prize for the challenge “Technological innovation for production process monitoring” and the one for the best project in the programme.

Ebro Talent launched three challenges related to different Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the food sector. The first, “Reducing the use of plastics in the food value chain”, was won by B’Zeos.

There was also an open challenge: “Technological solutions and innovations in the food value chain”, with Bioferric and Bioprocesia as winners.

This third edition of Ebro Talent beat the record for participation, with 42 projects presented and 14 finalists selected.

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