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Photnics4Bakery’s general aim is to advance in the digital transformation of companies in the bakery sector by investigating the applicability of photonic technologies to improve industrial processes. Specifically, it will be studied the applicability of (Near InfraRed spectroscopy) and HSI (HyperSpectral Imaging) in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in the quantitative and/or qualitative characterization of raw materials, intermediate products and/or final products from different matrices in the bakery sector. The use of these two technologies will allow the non-invasive determination of different food quality and safety parameters that condition the production process of the sector.

The project starts from and gives continuity to the results of a previous project HSI-FOOD project (AEI-010500-2020-208) in which the feasibility of using a hyperspectral camera to measure different parameters in a series of determined food matrices was tested.

Specific objectives of Photonics4Bakery

  • Evaluating the fit of NIR and HSI technologies within the production process of companies, seeking improvements in quality control of raw materials, intermediate processes and final product.
  • Advancing in the implementation of machine learning techniques and intensive computational processing systems that allow the development of new non-invasive tools for the qualitative and quantitative characterization of raw materials, intermediate or final products throughout the production process.
  • Analyzing the mechanisms that enable its effective implementation in the industrial processes studied, promoting the digital transformation of companies and reducing their current costs.

Photnics4Bakery is funded by the October 2021 call for supporting Innovative Business Groups (AEI) by the Ministerio de Industria, Comercio y Turismo funded by European Union- Next Generation EU.


It will be carried out by a consortium coordinated by the Clúster Alimentario de Galicia (Clusaga), which also includes the AEI Vitartis and the companies AOTECH, ATRIA Innovation, Sanbrandán, Hornos de Lamastelle and Daveiga.

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